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About the Co-op


The Environmental Performance of Treated Wood Research Cooperative (EPTW) was established to explore the potential impacts treated wood chemicals and processes have on the environment. Our job is to develop data related to the performance of treated wood and improve the ability of the industry to use and dispose of treated wood in a safe and environmentally conscious way. We as a coop work specifically to improve environmental interactions between treated wood and aquatic applications. The following objectives outline our current research goals:

  1. Develop fundamental data on preservative migration from wood
  2. Develop standardized accelerated methodologies for assessing treated wood risks
  3. Work cooperatively to develop and improve models to predict the risk of using treated wood in various applications
  4. Identify improved methods for reducing the potential for migration
  5. Evaluate the environmental impacts and identify methods for reuse, recycling and/ or disposal of preserved wood that is removed from service
  6. Deliver educational outreach programs on the proper use of treated wood in relation to the Best Management Practices (BMP’s)

Our Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from each member, meets annually to review the progress that’s been made in the past year and to make recommendations on future research. Committee members are involved in research projects through advising, supplying materials, and other key contributions necessary to achieving coop goals.